Staffordshire Centre

The Violin – May 14th

A Talk by Natalie Cummings

This event is now closed

This is the story of how Abraham, music tutor to the Tsar’s children, fled with his family and his violin from St. Petersburg to escape the Bolshevik revolution.

The violin passes to his daughter, Rosa, violinist with the famous Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Arrested by the Nazis on Kristellnacht 1938 she is sent to Mauthausen Concentration Camp, and then to Auschwitz, where her musical talent sees her forced to join the Women’s Orchestra and saves her life.

Rosa’s brother Israel, inherits the violin after her death and finally it comes to his daughter, Natalie.

Unplayable due to damage sustained during its arduous history, it remained silent for 30 years until it was famously brought back to life in the BBC’s Repair Shop.