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Supporting The National Trust

The proceeds from events that we organise are used to support the National Trust. The following gives a summary of the results of our efforts at Shugborough in recent years.

2024 Donation

Our donation of £2,500 for 2024 will cover £800 for a new weather station in the Walled Garden and £1,700 to fund hedge laying training for staff and volunteers. Read More

Shugborough Update

The Touch To See tactile guide for the mansion, donated by the Centre in 2023, has now arrived at Shugborough and the Yew garden has come on in leaps and bounds and has been renamed the Serenity Garden.

Shugborough has given us detailed uodates on the progress with these two projects – to find out what’s going on Read More

The Serenity Garden

Work on the former Yew Garden is now complete and Marc Brown, the Apprentice Gardener at Shugborough who managed this project, has given a detailed update.

The old herbaceous long border in the formal gardens was tired and no longer suitable for the challenges of climate change. It was initially called the Yew Garden but as the design came together, it has been re-named the Serenity Garden, and a garden is being created that will benefit visitors across all seasons.

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50th Anniversary Donation Helps Visually Impaired Visitors

In its fiftieth year, the centre has donated £3,500 to the Shugborough estate. The bulk of the money funded the creation of a Touch To See tactile tour book and map, pictured here, of the mansion, in conjunction with the RNIB, for visitors who are blind or visually impaired.

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Planting Trees and Wildflower Meadows

The benefits of planting parkland trees and the creation of a wildflower meadow will be seen for years to come, creating a bright and beautiful, wildlife friendly, part of the garden, and another wonderful legacy of the group.

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Sponsoring The Shugborough Bookshop

See how an initial donation can generate significant fundraising rewards and make a big difference to conservation and restoration efforts.

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