Staffordshire Centre

Shugborough Update – December 2023

We have recently received an update from Shugborough on what is happening with the donation made by our members this year. The Touch and See tactile book for the mansion is being organised by Partnerships & Participation Manager Arry Cain. She is working directly with the RNIB. They have identified the content that will bring the journey through the mansion alive and are in the process of writing and editing the narrative and sourcing the high-resolution images which will be used to create the book. The aim is to have the book created for the reopening of the Mansion in the Spring.
Work on the Yew Garden is progressing well and Marc Brown, the Apprentice Gardener at Shugborough who is managing this project, has given a detailed update.
The old herbaceous long border in the formal gardens was tired and no longer suitable for the challenges of climate change. It was initially called the Yew Garden but as the design came together, it has been re-named the Serenity Garden, and a garden is being created that will benefit visitors across all seasons.

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