Staffordshire Centre

Technology Through Time – May 9th

A Talk by Nigel Holmes

This event is now closed

Technology has been employed by man, since the beginning of civilisation… however the use of technology increased dramatically during the 20th century, and continues to do so. 100 years ago, most homes didn’t have electricity, and certainly none of the modern gadgets that we’ve come to rely on in the 21st century. In this talk, we’ll look at ‘technology through time’, from the Industrial Revolution, through to the present day, with many examples along the way, some of which you’ll no doubt be familiar with.
Nigel has been interested in technology all his life, since junior school days in the 1960s. He would often take things apart, to find out how they worked and take books out of the library on subjects such as ‘Electricity and Magnetism’ and ‘Ring Circuits in the Home’. He started work as a Telecoms Apprentice and has worked in the Telecoms/IT industry ever since, eventually taking up a post in technical training.