Staffordshire Centre

The History of Telecommunications - 13th August

A Talk by Nigel Holmes

Those of you that came to Nigel’s ‘Technology Through Time’ talk last year, may recall that he had always been interested in ‘how things work’, which is probably why he ended up working in telecommunications.

When he started work as an apprentice in 1975, telephone exchanges were noisy places, with electromechanical switches, and you could still make long distance calls via the operator. When he retired in 2018, all exchanges were digital and noise free, but in the process of being replaced, as they were now obsolete!

We all rely on communication and information technologies in the 21st century, but where did it all begin? How did we get where we are today? And, who was Almon B. Strowger? If you come to this talk, you’ll find out.