Staffordshire Centre

Richard III Visitor Centre

A Coach Visit on Wednesday 18th September

Leicester Cathedral reopened after an extensive 2 year restoration in November 2023.  King Richard III was re-buried in the Cathedral in 2015 and we will have a 30 minute “Richard III” tour with a guide, and then time to explore the Cathedral at our own pace. The King Richard III Visitor Centre, just opposite, was built over the site of the Grey Friars Priory, where King Richard’s remains were buried 500 years ago, following the Battle of Bosworth.  The Centre houses, amongst other things, a Dynasty exhibition, which tells the story of his rise to power and also a new exhibition entitled Murder, Mystery and Mayhem. It is suggested that we will need at least an hour and a half in the Centre.  We will need to divide into two groups and there will be plenty of time for coffee, lunch etc. There is an on-site cafe and many other places to eat within walking distance.

Pick up: Stafford Station  8.40, Wildwood Shopping Centre 8:50

Prices : members and non-members of the Centre £32.00

Booking Deadline: 18th August

Organiser: Margaret Winfield