Staffordshire Centre

Life With Vintage Fashion - September 12th

A Talk by Joanne Massey

This event is now closed

Joanne Massey (alias Lola Lamour) has spoken to us previously about her time as a Maid for Patrick, Lord Lichfield at Shugborough.  She is also a well known singer, songwriter and entertainer.  Her talk to us today is about her life and fascination with vintage fashion.  How she loves to dress in vintage clothes on a daily basis and has a passion for all things from the 40s and 50s. Over 35 years she has amassed a huge collection.  These items are not stored in mothballs, they are used, worn and loved.  She talks about the difference in the eras and will bring along examples of day wear, evening wear, casual wear, coats, dressing gowns, bags and shoes.  A light hearted and fun talk that should  appeal to everyone.